Many years ago, I discovered my affection for Hostas which soon resulted in a real collecting passion.

At the beginning there where only  a few Hostas availlable in the nurseries here like Undulata Univittata, ventricosa, lancifolia, sieboldiana Elegans, Fortunei Aureomarginata, Fortunei Albopicta or sieboldii.  Soon one could discover some „novelties“ from the USA in a few perennial nurseries which were at that time really high prized.  So my first „treasures“ have been Spritzer, Sum and Substance, Gold Edger and Wide Brim. Over the years many more Hostas enlarged my small collection which includes at the moment about 600 Hybrids and species and every year there are more additions.

After I moved to Austria in February 2015 I married my wonderful wife Daniela in July 2015 and decided to start a small sideline nursery concentrating on Hostas and a few other shade loving perennials. My wife supports me dynamically especially with every kind of paperwork but i already discovered a growing enthusiasm for Hostas.

All plants we sell are hand propagated from our own stockplants. This guarantees strong plants with typical characteristics.